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Celebrating Halloween with a Giveaway!


I decided to host my first giveaway over at my Facebook Fan Page. 

I am giving away 2, 5 x 7 inch prints of my paintings "Goddess Of Moon & Stars" & "Wood Spirit"

If you would like to enter just read my latest update on the Fan Page, its really easy to enter. You just have to join if you haven't already and then leave a comment - either the word FAIRY or GODDESS under my giveaway announcement to say which print you would prefer to win.
Two winners will be chosen by the end of next week! 

Here is the link



Hi all,

Its been a while, I have had so much going on it's been a little crazy!

Anyway I have decided to put up for sale some of my Original paintings on canvas.

Even though I have sold originals before this is the first time I am putting them up for sale online. I am starting with a handful of earlier Fairy themed acrylic paintings, some are on canvas panel and some are on stretched canvas and I will probably slowly add more soon.

Here are a few, to browse my store here is the link and just click on "Original Paintings" section on the right side panel of the storefront http://SusanRodio.etsy.com

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade


I'm very excited to announce that one of my paintings "Fairy Gathering" has been selected for inclusion in 
THE MAGICAL FAERIE CALENDAR for 2010, put together by Magical Festivals UK.

It is very exciting to be part of the calendar which includes internationally known artists who's work I admire greatly, such as Josephine Wall, Judy Mastrangelo and Linda Ravenscroft!

If you would like to take a look at all the lovely faerie art included CLICK THIS LINK!

Here is the front cover of the Calendar

New 5 x 7 prints at my ETSY store.

Just a quick update. I have just added some new 5 x 7 prints of Goddess Of Moon & Stars, Mermaids Sunset & Clamshell Mermaid to my ETSY store. http://SusanRodio.etsy.com

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

A fun little interview/feature.

A fun little interview/feature

One of my lovely ETSY customers asked me to do a mini/quirky interview on her blog. It sounded like a bit of fun and so of course I said yes.

To read the interview visit Alyssa's blog here

New Goddess Painting!

Title: Goddess Of Moon & Stars
Medium: Acrylic Paint on canvas panel
Size: 16 x 20 inches

About the artwork:  She represents the idea that we are not merely of the earth but the moon and the stars, in other words the belief that our souls are connected to so much more than the everyday experience of life. I feel with this painting it is also more of a personal aspect of my psyche where usually I feel I am painting more as an observer, this feels like it has come from a very personal place.


 Just a quick post. I painted for the second day in a row today for another 5 hours on my latest painting and have now finished it. I had forgotten how exhausting a larger size canvas can be.

I'm too tired to photograph her today, but I will post her tomorrow. I'm not feeling too well disposed towards her today, I think it was all the detail in her hair and face that took forever to paint and just left me feeling drained, sometimes it happens like that though. 

Hopefully after a good rest tonight I will like her better in the morning. 

2010 Mermaid Art Calendar!

 Hi Everyone,

It feels like its been way too long since I have posted. A lot has been going on and I have been busy working away on lots of things, but still needing to make that space to start a new painting. I will get there, hopefully very soon.

In the meantime it took a fair bit of work to get this one together, a couple of times my computer was playing up which mean't that it took a bit longer to come together, but finally it has. Phew!

So here is my 2010 Magical Mermaids Calendar, which is now available via my zazzle store! It features a different mermaid for every month of course and I even have a couple of my earlier mermaid paintings in there that have never been released before as prints or otherwise.

Here is a preview of the Front & Back of the calendar. To see in much more detail visit my Zazzle Store here.

Popping in :)

 Where have I been? I have been wondering to myself of late.

After the last few weeks of almost full time hours at my office job having some time off for more than a week feels like pure joy & freedom! 

I'm hoping the next 10 days will be a combination of major relaxation time and painting!  I'm looking forward to catching up on all  things art related that I haven't been able to attend to or follow up on etc etc and I plan to start a new painting too. So we'll see.

Also some other news, very exciting.... finally the release of The Magical Times Magazine, is out NOW, featuring some of my paintings! YAY!

You can purchase a copy via their website here, its the one with Linda Ravencroft's art on the cover.

New Mermaid Painting!

Finally got her finished, I think the detail in the water and other bits mean't this one took a bit longer to complete - I think it took about 3 - 4
hours longer than my usual time.

"Mermaid Sunset"
Acrylic paint on canvas panel

Mouse Pads & Postcards available from my Zazzle store


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