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Finally a new Art update & Art Interview

 Recently, I was asked to do a little interview about my Art by Kathy Crabbe.

You can have a read of that interview HERE

I will also be on the site in June for an artists Q&A, so if anyone is about in June, feel free to log in and ask me a question about my art or artmaking process, or anything you like really. This will be happening over at the Creative Soul Circle, which I am part of, its a great place for women to chat about creativity, spirituality and the like.

While I am here I thought I'd better do a quick update since I have not had the chance to for some time, since I have been so busy being a new mum.

After a long break from painting, I am happy to say that I have started a new piece on a large canvas too (what am I thinking, I know!) it is a little daunting getting back into painting after some time and I do feel somewhat rusty.

At the moment the only chance I have to paint is when my little boy, (who is now 1 year of age- how time flies!!) goes for his morning nap which lasts about 2 hours if I am lucky, so it may take me longer than usual to get this painting happening, so I don't know when my next update will be, but I will post when the work is finished.

Update and I have re opened my ETSY store!

 Hi Everyone,

I thought I should do an update since my Live Journal has been thoroughly neglected for some time...

Not without good reason though, I have been so busy with the move to our new place which was 4 weeks ago now, my little boy and trying to get my christmas shopping done, that painting has not been happening which is frustrating...but I can't wait to get back into it and I do plan to start painting again as soon as I can, hopefully once we have the spare room set up.

Anyway for now my main piece of news is that my ETSY store has finally re opened. I am only stocking a small amount of items, mostly ACEO's, and a couple of pocket mirrors etc, I need to keep it managable my days are much busier now with the baby of course!

2011 Fantasy Art Calendar

I have just finished working on my 2011 Art Calendar. Last year I focused the calendar on my selection of memaid paintings, the year before that it was the faeries and this year its a mix of all of my paintings from the last several years.

You can view the calendar in more detail, available for purchase at my Zazzle store!

Art Feature

Just a very quick post, I was invited to be featured artist at Salon of Art Newsletter, here is a link to the feature article.

What's been going on!

Well so much has been happening and I thought I should do a little update.

Firstly my computer has crashed, I think just due to it being old, so I am relying on my local internet cafe when I can be bothered getting down to check emails.

I have temporarily closed my ETSY store, for two reasons, well 3, the main one being no computer access at home means its too hard to keep up with those orders, I hit my 100th sale so I figured it was good timing but the MAIN reason is my baby's due date is getting ever closer with only 5 weeks to go!!

I can't believe it, it's still so surreal that in 5 weeks I will get to meet my little man, my partner and I are so excited and even though I am nervous about the birth and all, of course I just can't wait!

I think I have had a really long "nesting phase' of cleaning and preparing our place for the bubb's arrival. Also I still have not got the baby's bed yet but will hopefully get that next week at least I have found the one we want so that is good. Everything else is slowly coming together.

I also have this new Fairy/Goddess painting on hold, sitting in a corner I have been so tired lately and focused on the baby's arrival and getting stuff ready that the painting has taken a back seat, I might get a chance to get caught up with it in the next two weeks but I cant be sure.

So that is about it from me for the next few weeks or so. My ETSY store will most likely be re opened once I get used to my new routine with my baby in tow :)

Just a quick note to say that the next person that buys anything from my ETSY STORE will be my 100th sale and they will receive a special "Fairy & Mermaid Gift Pack" that I am putting together.

Just thought it would be nice to mark the 100th sale that way!

A little video I made.

I had fun putting together this short video with music of a selection of my Fairy, Mermaid, Unicorn & Goddess Art. I had uploaded one to my Youtube channel last night but then I realised I wanted to refine it a little more. So here it is, hope you enjoy!

My first painting of 2010!

I finally got her finished today!

I have titled her "Queen Of The Tides"

Acrylic on canvas panel.

Size: 14" x 18"

Prints and other goodies will be available from my Zazzle store soon.

Click on the image to see in more detail.

Face close up

Goddess painting progress

Just wanted to give a brief update on my latest painting's progress. It has been sooo hot in Sydney that it has been hard for me to get more work done on my latest painting.
I started her 2 weeks ago and am glad to say I  finally spent a couple of hours on her today and am happy with how she is progressing.

I dont usually leave my paintings sitting around that long between painting sessions and I originally thought I would be finished this one in a week but since I have been apartment hunting (still!)  the painting has taken a bit of a back seat.

However, I am hoping to finish her very soon!

A word of thanks.

 I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all that have read and left comments on my posts here this year.

2009 has been a year of ups and downs, with the GFC my partner and I definitely felt that affect us, ironically I made a lot more art print and product sales than I did last year, though last year I only really started selling my work 1/4 of the way through the year.

So thanks to all that have kept up with my posts and to the lovely words of support and interest when I post my art and also to my wonderful customers that have purchased works, prints and other products from my ETSY and Zazzle stores.

This year definitely feels like it is ending on a very positive note, with my partner and I expecting our first baby in mid 2010 which we are very excited about.

Wishing you all a happy and creative New Year and wonderful blessings for a fresh 2010!

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